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"Err, that's everyone in the entire year you're listing." She waited a second, before she followed up with "she didn't even come on the trip!" She shifted her scarf to better cover her lower face, then muttered "she was cute though..."

Deciding to leave Irene to her listing of quite possibly everyone she had ever met, ever, she sat back down on the wooden planks that made up the rowboat that wasn't half splinters, her feet sticking through a hole in the bottom where no doubt a rock had destroyed their chances of getting of the island the easy way. Or maybe it had been sabotaged deliberately by the terrorists, who actually knew?

Although, maybe someone knew basic carpentry? There had to be someone on the island who was good at shop, right? Maybe somebody had gotten an axe for their assigned weapon as well...

Of course, there would be the issue of waterproofing it and getting out of the range of bomb collars, and the fact that they had no clue where they were in relation to the rest of the world, and...

Ok, it was a dumb idea.
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Until all our yesterdays are lighted fools... · The Cove