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“I didn’t… say...” Danny trailed off awkwardly as Audrey turned her attention on Alvaro.

He didn’t want to be alone. Being alone was the worst. Especially now. He just didn’t want to befriend a stranger only to watch them splatter like Mr. Graham—

And trying not to think of that for some reason made him start thinking about graham crackers. Not the right direction, either. No matter how great s’mores would be right now. Pretend it was all a happy camping trip to an abandoned insane asylum.

He hadn’t helped Alvaro because… well, guy had made it there on his own power and had his own supplies, right? It was just some bruises, Danny got worse from football. Or ballet, even. (Man, he’d fucked up some moves there.) It wasn’t that he didn’t want to help, he just… just…

Fuck, what did he want?

Honestly, though… the sudden mood change in Audrey mixed with how she was touching Alvaro’s face—she’d said ‘oh, I know you’ earlier, so it wasn’t like they were boyfriend and girlfriend—was kind of freaking him out. He’d had clingy girlfriends before. Scarlett had been pretty clingy at points. Always weird if he talked to other girls—and yeah, okay, Danny had a reputation, but he’d never cheated on a girl, he could say that much.

Point was… girl who’d just been met already been clingy? Plus nunchuks? Yeesh. Good luck to Alvaro on that one. Nunchuks might not be too bad, but if she got an axe or something… full-on yandere simulator without the simulator part. If ever there was a place for a girl to flip out that bad...

Maybe his imagination was getting away with him. Even so, Audrey’d made her stance pretty clear. Right there in what she’d said to Alvaro. ‘Just you and me.’

So he didn’t say anything when Audrey lead Alvaro off.

After that, there was a bell. Super fucking loud. Danny had to block his ears. A bell… did that mean people? Did he want to be around people? He wanted to be around friends, but would friends be there?

Did he want to see his friends die? But if he wasn’t with them, he’d be alone.

This was the worst.

With no options left, Danny wandered off. He still didn’t know where the fuck he was in the asylum, anyway.

((Daniel ‘Danny’ Brooks continued in Companion Rectangle.))
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