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Alright, all fine, no problemo at all. Whole situation had been defused before it even got armed. Fi apparently hadn't overheard too much of Johnny's shenani-nanigans, nothing to worry about. Well, nothing besides the fact that he was gettin' lotsa ideas in his head again - chick just had to go and lick her teeth like that, did she? Man-eater and all that.

Nah, he still had this. so he did. Just had to try and not look over at her too much, just sit there and chillax, easy peasy. Yeah, relaxin' sounded like the best he could do for the rest of the night, already pretty much used up all of his energy walking to this place. Fine with him.

He walked over to the spot next to Fiyori, then immediately dropped down on his ass. "Guilty as charged, your Honor. I confess to the heinous crime of weirdness." He chuckled, then leaned back a bit and turned his head, now staring directly into the campfire, smiling a little. "Wouldn't have it any other way."

His skin heating up was more than welcome, awesome feeling and shit. Aiden felt like he could have just sat there all night long. Company helped too, of course. Especially someone who was all around chill like Fi. He'd work that little problem of his out with her eventually, not tonight though, nope. Not the time, place or - something, to discuss that. Some other day.

"Besides, you never said you didn't like me being weird." Didn't know if he meant it seriously or as a joke, probably both. Not like it mattered now. As long as that fire kept burn burn burning, he'd be a happy man.

((Aiden Slattery, end of pregame))
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