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Al's responses left a bit to be desired, his eyes barely left the cube as he spouted his support of the plan, it made Serena wonder if he was actually on board with her plan and not just saying things to appease her, it made her conscious of questions that she had been conveniently ignoring.

They had a route and a plan now, but what about when they get there? What if there is no jeep and she just wasted their time? These thoughts stirred around in her mind to which she had no answer, she had hoped to come up with something along the way rather than focus on it before they had even enacted on the plan.

She decided to push these thoughts away and leave, staying in this place was affecting her in some way, something about it's oppressive atmosphere. As she was getting up from her chair however; a voice came out from the hall, Serena felt herself tense up as the voice addressed Al, it sounded familiar and whoever it was wasn't threatening them, but it didn't make Serena feel any better about it.
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