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"Fair enough," Wayne said, forcing a casual shrug and a hint of a smile, and looked up at the sky again. "Let me know when we're heading out."

Let them think he was composed, indifferent, accepting.

Better than to show how he really felt, how every word they said was another stab at his heart.

They could talk about acting like decent human beings - decent fuckin' human beings - but he wasn't one. No, that was a good choice of words. Acting. Acting like a decent human being. That was what he was doing right now, acting, keeping up this casual conversation even though his supplies were ill-gotten and everything he said was a lie.

Perhaps they were all lying, keeping their true natures hidden and waiting to strike, but he didn't think so. He was more than willing to give them the benefit of the doubt after they had so easily described their desire to do good.

Asha and Dorothy didn't need to act. They were. No matter how different their philosophies were, at heart they were the same.

That just left him the third wheel again, alone again, the monster lurking in the dark.
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Time steals us all away one day, does it not? · Northwest Cliffs