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Toby didn't want to be in this conversation. She didn't want to be talking to this girl. Hell, she didn't want to be in this place period, but in lieu of that, it would have been nice to not be trying to wrap her head around a person she barely recognised. She wanted-

Okay, she didn't want her friends to be here, not really. There was only so far 'we're in this together' could be spun as a positive . The fewer people Toby knew that had been on the trip, the better, so far as she was concerned. For a couple of seconds, she tried to rattle off in her head who she'd seen on the trip, or in the crowd at the briefing - who didn't share the class that was coming along on the trip. That had to narrow it down some, maybe a lot. Kaylee wasn't along, but Abby - shit, Toby had been sitting next to Travis on the bus.


The girl was apologising too, at least up until a thud from the back. Heard that enough to know it was someone falling, and the cry of pain was a confirmation.

Toby moved quickly. Her reflexes had always been good. A little queasy still, but an upset stomach wasn't a broken leg.

Past girl one, and all the way over to girl two. Someone else she didd't know. Someone else she had no reason to trust.

"You were sneaking around. I want to know why."

Toby didn't move to pin her, but for a moment she was strongly considering it. Instead she just stood over the other girl, eyes roving, looking for weapons. If that had been an attempted ambush...

"Don't move."
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