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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"You could always ask her?"

Seemed simple enough. Of course, it also seemed simple enough she'd already tried it. Maria was... odd. He didn't have a problem with people just showing up places whenever they wanted, he did that, but she could certainly be a little strange now and then. He was staring through the fire, not ignoring Junko, his mind just elsewhere. Wayne, huh? Worm food, just like him, just like Raina, but even though they seemed to be in an off period and it was incredibly hypocritical of him the name sent a little jolt up his nerves.

Especially since this Wayne and Raina had headed off together and were yet to come back. Hm. Desert heat and the crackling fire sent tiny trickles of sweat down his forehead, but he paid it no mind, lost in his thoughts.

"I feel like a dick, only showing up when all the excitement is over."

He would listen to whatever Junko had to say to that, but then felt a vibration in his pocket. His mobile phone going off, now? Hm. He'd let Junko talk - if she chose to - before giving her a quick "oh, excuse me" and checking it.
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