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"Dot's got it in one, Wayne. Which is good, 'cause I haven't really thought that far ahead, to be honest!" Asha shrugged. "I figure we all got people we wanna see and maybe cling to for a while, but we can't really do much about that except wander around and hope for the best."

If nothing else, she hoped to at least be able to see her fellow ballerinas one last time and joke about kicking the absolute shit out of some terrorists as some sorta badass ballet death squad. "So in the meantime, we just gotta act like decent fuckin' human beings, y'know? People are gonna be hurting bad, and the least we can do for them is stay for a while and lend an ear. Use our last days to spread as many good vibes as we can."

Asha was relieved that, in the end, she and Dorothy were basically just disagreeing over semantics. One of them had taken the road that smelled like lilacs, the other rafflesia, but they both lead to the same verdant meadow that offered a lovely view of the giant, blinking eye in the sky that'd signal the end of all things. So long as they all agreed that helping people was cool and good, they'd be fine. Asha'd rather get something done than waste time trying to convince people that 'we're all gonna die but that's alright,' after all.

"It's not gonna be easy, and I figure shit'll go south eventually, but I can jump off that flaming bridge once we get to it. I know this is what I want to spend my last days doing," Asha said. She casually stuck a hand in her pocket, fingers brushing against the taser to reassure herself it was still there. Asha still hadn't told anyone, not even Dorothy, what her weapon was.

Oh, imminent death or no, Asha would still be loath to see anyone in excruciating agony. The taser seemed the best and most non-lethal way to protect Asha and the people around her from pain, but would revealing its presence make them feel any better? She feared that if either of her companions found out, it'd immediately put a wedge between them; the armed against the the distrustful unarmed. Asha was terrified of having her friends be terrified of her; so in her pocket the taser stayed.
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