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As glad as he was for the attention Caedyn and Jane were giving him, Oskar hated the position they’d placed him in. He usually tried to maintain a position of neutrality, one where he could remain on good terms with all parties involved; here, it didn’t seem like such a usual stance would reap the results he wanted. With two such fiery combatants, trying to toe the line in-between the two might end up just making everything worse.

On one hand, Jane had explicitly asked to join with him, but on the other, he couldn’t help but agree with Caedyn’s assessment. It felt good to be wanted, but if such an alliance drove others away, was it really worth it? And as perpetually unpredictable as Caedyn may have been, there was no denying that she was smart.

Looking for a way to assuage them both, Oskar slid over to stand beside Caedyn, and a placed a finger on his lip, lightly brushing against the cool metal of his spiderbites. He inwardly sighed as he realised he’d need to figure out a way of avoiding infection.

“Jane, you do hiking, right? Figure you know a bit of first-aid, then. I got my legs a tad scratched up on the nettles over there–” he waved gently towards the thicket he’d crossed through earlier “–and I was wondering if you could help?”

He offered Caedyn a subtle wink. He would’ve whispered his thoughts, given her a bit less ambiguity, but she stood over a foot taller than him; as flexible as he was, forcing himself to stretch up that far wasn’t on his list of priorities for the moment.

There were more pressing matters at hand.
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