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On the image thing, I keep pondering and picturing like... an image with terrorists up the top doing the ominous looking over the thing thing (or just one of the Danyas hanging out doing the announcements), and maybe like... if we're focusing on a single version, a cluster of either important or just late-game kids down below. (Obviously crossover there in some cases.) If it was from multiple games it'd be like 'who the fuck do you put here without overcrowding.' (I might try and sketch something out just to get across what I mean better.)

Or, alternately, something similar to the chart except that it's like... kids that just picked different goals/different ways of playing. Maybe a vote for characters who'd fit that. Or just the late-game thing again, which would be easier. But a vote could get characters from everywhere.

Also on the subject of the TV Tropes page, I'd personally kinda like to see people adding more in the like... crowner sections? The awesome/heartwarming/funny/tearjerker/nightmare fuel pages are basically like the plastic hammers, after all.
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