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Maxim stopped whatever movements his hands were making and instead brought them together, creating a single short clapping sound. Ben had already made his choice, was ready to leave, wouldn't even let him finish what he had to say. Not only stubborn, but goddamn insolent at that. It was enough to make Maxim's blood boil a bit, that was for sure.

Wringing his hands, he opened his mouth to utter a resentful comment in Ben's direction, but shut it again just in time. It wasn't worth it, getting upset because of that idiot. The least he could do was stay calm on the outside, not show it openly. That would be embarrassing.

"Alright then."

His throat really had gotten pretty dry; so much breath and words wasted on Ben. Shame, really. He almost couldn't believe he had seriously considered the possibility of Ben being valuable to him, respected him even. God, he had been naive, let himself be blinded by a few smart sounding words out of that boy's mouth. Well, he knew better now, knew the guy was stupid on top of being a bigot, rotten to the damn core. Good riddance. Not like he needed a mule as an ally.

Still, how all this went down felt wrong, in a way. He had been rejected and left to himself. Granted, he was glad for it now, but that was not the point. Ben probably felt very satisfied with himself, like he had showed him, humiliated him, all out of pure spite. No, he couldn't just let him leave on that note. This might have very well been the last time the two of them were ever going to come face to face; he couldn't let Ben have that. That guy had to know what a goddamn fool he was.

Maxim took a few steps in the direction of Ben, who had just begun to take off. "You know what that means then, right? You refusing to work together?" He made a short pause, barely a second; he had no intent for Ben to answer, after all. "Means we're not allies, and in a situation like this, not being allies means being enemies." He liked that line, sounded like something he had heard or read somewhere before. 'He who is not with me is against me', something like that.

"So if you ever come across me again and you need some sort of help, because you're starving, injured, dying, whichever - don't expect any from me. Though chances are, you'll end up dead somewhere and we won't meet again, in which case, tough luck."
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