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What was up with this guy? A fucking wussy-wishy pussyfooting coward? Danny, despite being as big of a man as he was, was somehow neutral about joining up Audrey's band. That got her a bit pissed off, just a bit. "Seriously?" she spat out. She clenched her fists, stamping her foot on the ground. "You want to be alone by yourself? You're not even going to give me a straight answer?" Audrey absolutely hated people like Danny; they reminded her too much of her false, inferior self from years ago. She'd gotten over that hump and, if she could do it, other people should be able to. Audrey held no patience, no regard for people too embroiled in their emotions to do something about their situation.

Baller muscles. She couldn't roll her eyes any faster.

What a waste.

She sighed, placing a hand on her quickly-sweating forehead. She took a second to calm down. "Look, I'm sorry," she said. "Maybe this game is already stressing me out or whatever but I'm still going to try and find a way to live through this. If you don't want to help people - and don't think I didn't notice that you didn't go to help Alvaro when I did - then fine. That's fine. I understand." She looked up at him; she hated tall people, too. "I'm going to go. You do... whatever it is that you do."

Audrey walked away in a huff, towards Alvaro. At least he was being logical, at least he was being sweet. She saw it in his eyes and his body language when she was comforting him. And he's damn cute! She hadn't noticed that too much before, but now that he was standing tall - and slightly taller than her, too; the perfect height - she noticed it more than ever. She lightly placed a hand on his shoulder. "Hey, Alvie," she said, sweetly, before placing her hands on his cheeks - like a big sister (or maybe more like someone who was quickly developing a crush). "Why don't we get out of here before more people get here? It'll just be you and me." Audrey urged him along. She spared a final glance at Danny, before moving away from this place.


You don't need to be so pissed off right now.

(Audrey Reyes continued elsewhere...)
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