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Sam and Caleb's reactions immediately assured Rene that a bell had in fact just rang, and she was not experiencing vivid auditory hallucinations. Now that she knew her sanity checked out, her next plan of action involved figuring out just what it was she wanted to do next. Ironic, considering that Caleb had just inquired into that specific topic. Funny how these sorts of things work out sometimes.

For his part, Sam voiced that he was of the opinion that the best course of action for him is to get the hell out of their current location. Rene couldn't disagree. A dirty hallway branching off into a bunch of rooms with barred windows didn't exactly seem like the friendliest of environments, nor was it a place that she imagined herself wanting to stay for any appreciable period of time. She was actually quite happy to hear Sam say that, because now she could say essentially the same thing and not have to worry about any backlash.

"Yeah, I'm thinking that Sam here's got the right idea." Rene said. "And considering that the area's already creepy enough without ominous bells ringing through the halls... yeah..." She made two finger-guns with her hands and pointed them down the hall behind her. "... I think I'm gonna go."

She slowly walked backwards down the hall, still pointing while looking back at Sam and Caleb. It was after a few steps that she realized she probably looked ridiculous, and did a quick mock-salute before turning and walking around the corner normally.

All things considered, I suppose that could've gone worse.

((Rene Wolfe continued elsewhere...))
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