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keep running yoshi
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Ben was near checking out of the conversation early. Bag and body had already begun to creak in the direction of anywhere that wasn't there. Destination was somewhere on that kiddie-colors map they'd handed out. Just had to take a look, take a walk. Clear his head a bit, of all this whatever that he couldn't describe with all the English he'd never mastered.

There was still talking, though. Shit to hear out, as much as it didn't matter. Almost sounded pitiable from the tones. Pitiable if it weren't dangerously warbling backing vocals to a fist to Ben's face. Yeah. Aggressive tone was definitely helping Maxim out on the front of 'convince this kid I mutually despise to trust me'.

"Good to know." Succinct response, in closing. Yeses and conclusions and mistakes, Ben wouldn't contest those points as of now. He didn't want to. They were all true. Not like Maxim Whatever needed to know that shit though. All he needed to know was that if he wanted an ally, it wasn't going to be Ben. Really, as much as Ben couldn't seem to articulate it, he was doing both of 'em a favor. Neither needed the other around as what amounted to a useless hazard. Maxim needed... whatever, who even fucking knew. And Ben needed...

Whatever. Who even fucking knew.

"Think I'm being pretty reasonable here, dude." Ben was moving, for real. He could resume the cadence of his march safely, if he angled himself out into the distance where he could see the blobby fat lip of a cliff with waterside estate. Ground out this way was rough, crunchy underfoot. If Maxim decided to up the ante of the retard arms race the two dudes had been running Ben would hear him coming. Sans a knife he was pretty sure he could take this particular hazard on. Alright. Last thoughts.

"Your helping hand doesn't amount to much, so you'll want to get yourself some better collateral before you find your next victims."
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