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((Candice Banks continued from They say the Hangover after you get drugged and kidnapped by Terrorists is the worst))

Candice felt a massive sense of relief upon hearing Mia greet whoever was in the room ahead of them. She had been on edge from the moment they had heard voices coming from somewhere in this run-down building. Well, it would probably be accurate to say that Candice had been on edge since the morning began, and saying that the prospect of running into people of unknown temperament had caused her to become nervous was really only true in a relative sense.

Naturally, seeing Mia ready her gun before checking the room had not helped in the slightest. She had thought to herself earlier that the two of them having a gun might act as a deterrent against hostile classmates, but now that they had reached a situation where it might be used, Candice found that the events of this morning were still weighing on her mind.

Being so well armed seemed to be the sort of thing that would provoke a fight as soon as it would prevent one.

Luckily, it seemed that this unknown person was an friend of Mia's. Someone they could trust.

Well, assuming that it was actually a friend and not just a classmate whose name Mia knew.

Assuming that it was a friend who could really be trusted.

Candice recalled the video the terrorists had shown them during their "orientation". She wondered morbidly if she and Mia were going to end up starring in the teaching aid for the next batch of students thrown into this madhouse?

She did her best to shake those doubts from her mind. There were plenty of reasons to not assume the worst situation in this case. It had sounded from earlier as though this Al had been speaking to somebody-- in other words, they were somebody who was interested in getting along with people. Besides, Mia seemed to trust this person, and that should be enough. "Too Trusting" was not really a phrase that Candice would use to describe her companion.

Besides, they had managed to meet somebody without gunfire factoring into the greeting, which was a vast improvement over their prior record. It would be a waste to alienate a potential ally this early on when they'd finally managed to not immediately screw the first encounter up. Candice cautiously moved up behind Mia, hoping to catch a glimpse of this new student while remaining behind Mia.
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