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((Blair Moore continued from Rolodex of Hate))

Blair could not care less that the plan was stupid.

Of course the terrorists weren't going to leave an easy way of contacting the outside just...sitting there! That would be awfully careless for an organization like this one to miss. You don't run murderfests five times without being clever enough to spot an obvious security breach.

Of course, she wouldn't bring this up to Noah. He was the one with the sawblade shuriken boomerang slingshot thing. Sawlaska Thunderfuck 5000 her ass. Still, best not to piss him off, especially if she still wanted someone around.

"Sure. Who knows, they might've missed something." Blair gave a wry grin. They hadn't missed anything, most likely. But again, playing nice with Noah was a priority.

Sandra seemed less keen on that front. She was just standing nearby, offering a half-assed reply. Hrm. That wasn't really Blair's problem, but she wondered what was on Sandra's mind that she was so distracted. It wasn't like they had their phones or anything.

"Sandra, you okay? You seem kinda down." She reached over to put a sympathetic hand on Sandra's shoulder. "We'll get through this, I'm sure." Ugh, could make Blair sick with that kind of sugary crap.
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