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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"Figured you wouldn't want to hear from me, so I'd wait until you did rather than blow up your phone."

Did that sound like an excuse? Maybe. He wasn't used to giving enough of a shit about how he sounded to actually think about it, so instead he glanced at her as if trying to read her thoughts on the truth of how he'd felt during their latest off period. Not staring at her, although he'd stared before and she never seemed to mind, just giving her a considering look.

If they went back on, he was going off to college and she was still stuck here for another year. Wouldn't that be a spanner in things? Would it matter? In the long run nothing did, they were dust just like those stars Raina liked. He tried to care anyway but that thought was still burning in his mind, all the time, unless he was too high or too tired to think anything at all. It ate his ability to give a shit about people, even the ones he wanted to.

"Would've asked if you were going to that dance a while back but it didn't seem like your thing."

And what about Wayne? he kept wanting to ask, and kept wondering why he wanted to ask it.
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18:48 Ruggawork I have faith in you!
18:48 Ruggawork and your ass!

16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Iktor?
16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Toben.
16:35 Kilmarnock hard to tell until they make out with me.
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