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"Oh, thank god!" Alba said in response to Bradley's reply. "We're not looking to fight either, so that's a huge relief."

Alba smiled in the direction of Bradley and the other guy. She didn't know either of them that well. She heard comments about Bradley in the halls, but since he was a senior, she didn't have many opportunities to run into him. Steve was in her grade, but they didn't really have any common interests or reasons to chat. Either way, the two guys were better than the thief she and Bryony ran into earlier, so she could take that.

Alba looked back at Bryony, who was a few steps behind her. Alba wondered if Bryony was getting tired or having trouble walking along the beach.

"C'mon," she said to Bryony. "Let's meet up with them."

Alba began to walk closer to the guys.

"Hey, so have you guys seen any places to hide out? Or, have you at least seen some other people this morning? Maybe Brendan, or Maxim, or Kaitlyn? Folks like them?"
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