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Jerry didn't like the place, at all. Staying there reminded him of home, and he didn't want to think about it. Home was a distant place, away and gone. Everyone's house were laying six feet under. They were buried under the island, waiting for their days to come back. But only one of them will be intact, everyone else's would be demolished by the impact of the crushing weight of their occupants' deaths..

So, that's why he didn't like the vehicle depot.

Even though there was a certain comfort to be had in knowing reality wasn't that far, it was the trip to reach it that scared him. Killing and all of that was dreadful, and knew m, even he'd make it out alive, the world wouldn't forgive him. He could be seen as a victim but, chances are, they'd see him as a killer. A vicious murderer, a cold-hearted monster who killed his classmate to live.

If he thought about home, he wanted to kill so he distracted himself by poking a car's window. The window was already cracked and the shoving was making it bigger and bigger until it finally shattered on the driver seat. That was fun, maybe he should do that some more.

He continued poking the car on the right side. It was hard to determine the original color due to the corrosion but Jerry assumed it was red, or orange, or something like that.. He poked mindlessly and he answered slowly to Michael's point.

"I guess, we could. Wanna' go in first?"
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