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"Paintball gun. Oh... o-of course, I, uh... you were far away, and..."

Coleen attempted to scratch at her neck nervously, coming into contact with the metal ring around her throat instead. Any reminder that it was there lowered her spirits further, a dip that was only offset by whatever relief was attained from learning that gun wasn't real and, maybe, she wasn't about to die at the hands of the three boys.

"At least you're all okay. That's something, right?" Coleen gave the trio her best center-stage smile, even shutting her eyes an instant. The eyes did not stay closed for long, remembering that at least one of them had something that could count for a real weapon in his hands. Henry didn't seem like the kind of boy to kill her, least of all Indiana Jones-style. Her mouth went dry with the reminder ringing through her brain that none of her classmates seemed like the type of person to kill anybody. And yet, some people were going to die today. Somebody had to kill SOMEBODY or they'd all be dead.

Coleen did not feel keen on the prospects of calling that man's bluff.

"Me, I'm..." the smile weakened, but did not fade entirely. "I'm not doing so hot. Walking and thinking... um, y'know?" Her foot shuffled in the sand, hands inside sleeves and folded behind her back.
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