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Henry and Jasper made it to Coleen before he did, as expected. As Henry showed off his whip and Jasper introduced himself, Arthur could only see a few glimpses of her face. What he did see was a look of fear, pointed in his direction. He looked down at the gun in his hand, cradled in his arms. Oh, she's worried about this, Arthur thought, somewhat surprised that she didn't recognize it as a paintball gun despite its iconic look. Just as he was about to open his mouth, he heard Jasper explain away her fear, and relaxed. Moments later, he joined the group, careful to keep the muzzle of the gun pointed away from Coleen, off to the side and towards the ground.

"Hey, Coleen," Arthur said, "Sorry to scare you like that. Just a paintball gun." He was glad that he had met another familiar face so early on into the game. Maybe the four of them would team up? Four seemed like a good number for a group, structured in a way that everyone can pitch in their fair share without being too large or too small. He smiled politely at Coleen, but also at his own idea. It would be pleasant if it wasn't forced along by such circumstances.

"You been holding up well?" He asked thoughtlessly, his brain going through the motions of a normal conversation. Not all of his brain had come to realize where he was and why, lagging behind a good day or two. The part of Arthur that was aware of his situation feared the moment that those parts caught up. He'd make sure to try his best to stay off camera when he did: he didn't want to imagine Marie watching him break down.

He had to stay strong. For her. He couldn't let himself forget that.
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