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“Fuck you.” Sandy spat back to Maria’s heartless retort, before heading over to a bookshelf to distract himself from yet another person who just wanted to give him shit for not liking people.

As he browsed through the titles, he continued to keep Maria in the corner of his eye. As far as he cared, she was a rude, thoughtless bitch, one who wouldn’t know how to be civil if it came with a step-by-step manual. She thought she was such hot shit, acting like being in the situation didn’t bother her or that she was so much smarter than Sandy because she could actually deal with being around other people at a time like this. Besides, if he was going to die (which he probably was, because his chances were somewhere between zero and less than that), then why would he want to do it around other people? Fuck other people. Fuck Maria.

He paused his search to rub his temple. All this anger and rampant swearing was starting to give him a headache.

Finally, he pulled out a familiar but unread title from the shelves: The Iliad, by some random Greek who shared his name with a cartoon character. Heavy reading, especially compared to the light hearted novels he usually went through, but heavy reading was what he needed to take his mind off of everything. Besides, what were the odds he was going to find Artemis Fowl on an island like this?

Sandy turned back to Maria, still giving her a look that could freeze fire. “I’ll be going now.”
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