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Maxim felt like something was beginning to gnaw at the back of his mind. Unpleasant and annoying, he was all too familiar with it. And he knew very well what was causing it too. Ben was starting to, for a lack of better words, piss him off.

He had been willing to give this guy a chance, to look past their differences, to actually try and appreciate his more redeeming qualities. Not that it had been easy for him, but he had managed. Ben on the other hand? Oh, it seemed he was still stubborn as ever, trying really hard to spout whatever came to his mind, object to Maxim's points just for the sake of objecting. And all just to hide the very obvious fact that he couldn't stop being an ignorant homophobic-

No, no, he couldn't let himself be carried away. He was better than this, he wouldn't just get provoked that easily, no matter how stubborn Ben was being. Though at least the guy had enough brains in his head to recognize he was being dumb, only he didn't even seem bothered by it. Maxim couldn't help it, his next words were fueled by nothing but spite.

"Yes, yes you are." A scowl returned to his features and he let out a troubled sigh, though barely audible. This Ben, he really wasn't going to let himself be convinced, was he? If so, then that made him a stubborn idiot and as such, no more valuable to him than Nadia or Jasmine were. And he had had no problems letting those two go. Still, just for the sake of demonstrating he held no grudges, that he wasn't as susceptive to childlike obstinacy, he was going to give Ben a last chance. A last chance for him to prove that maybe he was smart after all.

"Look, you're free to leap to conclusions all you want, yes? Doesn't change the fact that you're making a mistake." He didn't want to sound threatening, it would only help to further alienate the other boy. But if some sort of aggressive undertone had slipped into his voice, then he hadn't noticed.

"You're not being reasonable and that will end up getting you killed sooner or later. I'm offering a hand here, free help, alright? Are you sure you just want to ignore that?" Maxim performed a few forceful hand gestures to accentuate his words, just in case those would be able to somehow make the difference there.
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