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Jane shivered slightly each time she felt Cris caress her hand like that. It just felt nice. Really no other way to say it, it just felt really nice and she had no intention to let that moment end all too soon. It was like that warmth she felt there in her hand spread all throughout her body. Different from the heat on her skin and all that, obviously. Simply nice.

She noticed their pace had slowed down somewhat, but it didn't bother her. She quickly glanced at Crisanto again. For such a big, silly, currently unshaved boy toy - wow, had she really that used that word? - he really was a totally decent guy. Well, obviously, otherwise she wouldn't have chosen to hang out with him. More than just that 'let's hang out and then hope for a good fuck after' sort of hanging out, she already knew that.

Really took a lot to make her feel all relaxed and comfortable around someone, take the bitchy out of her, she acknowledged that. Her grandfather had had such an effect on her, in a different way though, of course. Achieving something similar, that alone made Cris sort of special. Could have been because she hadn't had that many lovers before and this one simply stood out from the others so far - especially since he didn't seem bothered by her occasional tantrums.

Whatever it was, she didn't really want to think about it too much at moment. Just be able to enjoy what she had and be thankful for it. Yeah, sounded like a plan.

But sometimes, life looked at you and randomly decided to fuck you over. Just as Jane tried to make another step, staring off at some more rock formations, her foot came in contact with something on the ground, a rock, as it turned out .She had no idea why it was there at that exact moment, but she decided that she hated it nonetheless - or rather, cried out in surprise as she stumbled forward and instinctively let go of Cris' hand.
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