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Cicada Days
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keep running yoshi
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Ben could respect the proceedings, at least. Emotions crisp, efficient. Whitewashed, sterile. Like his hazy memories of debate. But this kid didn't know what he was talking about, props to his demeanor aside. Grasping for straws with those fat fingers of his. Ben wasn't about to go betting on the survival chances of the faces he shared Cochise colors with, but he had not-so-vague reservations about this particular face. Out-of-shape, like a preschooler had been working on coloring in the lines.

Ben firmly hit the points back, one by one. No home runs, but he was feeling the solid angles he was coming from.

"No trust, no guarantee we don't start looking at each others bags. Scoped it out when I woke up, we only have enough water for four days apiece. People will be getting ideas pretty fast." People like Maxim Last Name. Listen to all that phlegmy throat clearing. Dude probably two days worth of water tops. He'd clear bottles faster than he had back in the Fields residence.

"Point to you there. But a group of people isn't totally safe. They got each other to contend with." Honestly, in hindsight Ben had hardly been willing to pair up with Jerry. Two dudes fueled up on a Benjamin Fields plan? Someone was dying there, and it wasn't the bad guy. People were dying. That was who was dying.

And Ben was just going to stand here, trying to talk down something he wouldn't have spared three words for back home.

"See, I'm thinking that if you scramble away from me from the moment I started talking my ass out, you're not exactly looking for a team up with me in particular. It'd be an alliance of convenience, rickety ass one where we're putting each other in danger more than helping each other out. We're not 'working things out'. If we couldn't do it back when in society what makes you think we can do it now...? If that makes me dumb, well. Guess I am."
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