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Dorothy just felt like disappearing, but such luxury isn't possible. She simply thought about swimming in the oceans, going under the waves, seeing the fish doing their little fishy things.

She thought about it, swimming and all of that. Maybe she should have tried to become better at something important like running or fitness. She could have stand a chance to survive. To come back home, see her parents, see everyone - but for all of her classmates - that loved her again.

Yet, she didn't want to go home that way. She didn't want to kill anyone. Somebody could figure out a way to escape or somebody could get them off the island. That's why she didn't want to accept death.

If she accepted death, she accepted killing. She would have to accept the pain, the violence, the sadness that came with it. So instead, she accepted life. Even though somebody could be saying she was lying to herself, or living in denial, Dot believed in life and its promises.

She was stuck in this kill-or-die situation, and she dumbly believed in her own lies. At one point, Asha will die. Brendan will die. Dorothy will die. Even Wayne, who she knew for about 30 minutes, will die. Everyone around her is going to die, yet she believed in life. She believed in a better tomorrow, and she wanted to make sure it could - no, will - happen.

By denying death, she felt a certain serenity. A calmness that once was a tornado raging in her head. With that clearance, she decided to speak up.

"I want to do nice thing, you know? I want to help people here, maybe patch 'em up or hug them. I just want somebody to remember this island had kids on it and we had lives, and we're not some aliens from another world fighting each other."

She stopped and thought about what she said. Asha and Dot were saying the same thing. Or at least, Dorothy was thinking similarly to Asha, just not believing in the same fundamental aspect. Their friendship could survive that.
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