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Hannah was there, but then she wasn't, but then Olivia was. Olive was so short she was all teddy bear-like in Irene's ever spastic arms. Stole her body heat too. Kinda chilly with the ocean breeze shaking an angry fist at Irene's exposed arms, but at some point everything evened out into thermodynamic equilibrium. A cold one, just above shiver point.

"Gun's called Johnny Three? News to me." Hannah still rocking the decibels. Irene couldn't especially tell why, but Hannah's mood seemed to be one well worn. Well worn as that Queen on her chest. Something or another and a Fanta Sea. "We should..." Priorities? Free self of Olive, for one. She seemed half determined to throttle the life out of Irene, break every spare rib Irene didn't have to spare. Way too much violence for a place this pretty. Olive was breathing heavy too, a howling gale of storm surge right on the ticklish lobe of her ear. Another fit of the giggles violently stole the air from Irene's lungs, she briefly quaked against Olivia's embrace.

Irene's brain was also feeling the pressure, though there were no arms around it. Aaaaaaaa. Brain needed oxygen. Wait. She had one (1) diaphragm. Right there, where her ribs ended and Olive's arms began. Flex. Tense. Relaaax. Okay. She'd stopped laughing, and Olivia'd stopped hugging. Thus, Irene was free. No prognosis on her revived ability to think.

"We could definitely form some kinda group." Irene began to pace standing still, spinning her skirt into a lazy pirouette with gun and bag struggling to keep tempo. "Gather the entire damn squad. Like Abby. And Crisanto. And, uh..." People. Faces flashed bright through Irene's thoughts, like camera bulbs or rays of sunlight through dim and dank Cochise windows.

"Georgia, Wade, Junko. Penelope, Brendan Harte. Jerry, other Jerry, Jon, Micheal, Darius, Asuka Langley Soryu... Fiyori, Aiden, Alicia, Clarice, Kimiko-..."
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