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Well, he had accepted this. Resistance, doubts, all that. He had not provided Ben with enough arguments of his own, that much was obvious. Besides, the guy was most certainly still held back by his own inability to look past his prejudice, in some way or another. That was a bit disappointing to say the least, but again, he had expected it. Maxim himself was better than this, obviously, he would not let his disdain for Ben cloud his better judgment, he was above that. Convincing Ben of doing the same was a challenge, of course. But with what he stood to gain, it was one worth taking on.

Raising a brow slightly, he brought a hand to his chin, feeling at his own stubble. "Well, that's where I'd like to differ: I don't see this as a risk the way you see it as much as a clear calculated risk. Having to split up resources? Well, why not have each of us stick to what's in our own bags, nothing more. We wouldn't gain anything this way, but not lose something either. And as for your 'multiple targets' story-"

Maxim cleared his throat again. Talking this much only helped make it more rough than it already was. He'd have to take a first sip or two of his water soon, couldn't hold off on that forever. "Presenting more targets to take down is one thing, but wandering off alone a complete other. Someone sees one single person walk around, they'll feel more safe in taking that one down. They see two, they'll have to consider the possibility of one of them being armed. Less likely for them to try and attack." He'd have to partially go back on what he said earlier now, contradict much of his earlier behavior and plan. That was okay, he was mature enough to admit he had been wrong in some regards.

"Look, I don't really believe in 'safety in numbers', it has more drawbacks than benefits I'd say, but - small groups, they work best for this. Only problem left is that trust issue, but we can work around that. You're smart enough to see that, right?"
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