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Darius lost his balance. But it didn’t stop there. Junko felt Darius’ foot slam against hers, and the two fell to the ground. That didn’t do wonders for Junko’s anger. The bat nearly slipped out of her fingers for a second, but she pulled it into her hands tighter.

The bat went swinging into his chest. Each connected hit was like slow motion. The bat slipped again, and soon fell out of her hands and onto the ground. She barely paid attention, and instead resorted to using her fists. Punch after punch rained down onto Darius.

Somewhere in there, she heard Darius curse. She didn’t pay attention to that, either. Her main focus was her fists pounding against him. Her heart raced, like it was in the middle of a sprint. The main things fueling her were rage and adrenaline.

But even then, she noticed the thing Darius was holding was against her. Against her neck. He was going to stab her with it. Slit her throat, something. Without thinking, her hand rose up and reached for his wrist. His arm was moving, and it took some effort. But she grabbed him with a tight grip. She could barely move his arm. She didn’t think Darius was that strong, but fuck. Her lips curled into a snarl.

With her free arm, she went for another punch, this time towards the face. She felt something crack, but it got lost in the shuffle. But Darius’ grip on the object loosened, and she tore it from his hand. But he still struggled underneath her. His arms swung. His legs kicked. He tried to grab it again.

She did the only thing she could think of, and swiped it across his cheek. A flash of red followed.

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