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Short Jersey wasn't fooling anyone. Not Kaitlyn, not Alan, not... well Lili went and fucked off herself so who knew, maybe she'd be fooled. Probably would be fooled.

Of course, that didn't mean Kaitlyn had to reserve herself from clubbing the girl in the back of the head with her shield when she was dumb enough to turn her back on Kaitlyn and get in Alan's face like that. But steady, girl.

As Scout marched off to wherever meaningless people went in this island, Kaitlyn saw that Lili's bread and protein bar had landed right on top of her open bag. She poked them into the abyss with her foot, then zipped up the bag.

To be honest, that trade had only been fair for her at best. Alan had ruined it, he really had.

He owed her one.

"So," she said after a moment. "You going anywhere in particular?"

(Kaitlyn Greene continued in Until All Our Yesterdays Are Lighted Fools...)
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