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Christ, that bell was loud. Samuel figured that it had to be right on top of them to make that loud of a noise. “It’s a hard sound to miss,” Samuel replied flatly, turning to Rene. He followed her gaze up towards the ceiling as Caleb said something and checked the other rooms.

It had to be one of their classmates. Unless the terrorists were on this island with them, only a kid would’ve been able to do that. Maybe it was an accident or done for shits and giggles; Samuel couldn’t blame them for trying to enjoy themselves in the face of imminent death. Hell, maybe they were trying to be poetic - “the bell tolls for thee” and all that crap. That last one would make an interesting scene in a novel, but it didn’t translate well to real life.

Caleb came back and confirmed that they were the only ones in this part of the asylum. However, Samuel thought that wouldn’t be the case soon. Whoever rang that bell just painted a target on themselves, or maybe they were trying to lure others towards them. Either way, people were going to flock to the bell tower like bees to honey.

And the last thing Samuel wanted was to be around other people.

“I dunno about you guys, but I’m headed...” Samuel trailed off. Besides that bell tower, he had no idea what laid outside the asylum walls. “...somewhere. Somewhere else. Anywhere but near that bell tower.”

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