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That was it. Dread freely pooled in Wade's stomach, turning it into a turbulent lake and making him physically ill. That was simply it. His odds were definitely slim before, but there was absolutely no way he was going to make it now. He couldn't stand up to anyone without an actual weapon. He was too weak for the adrenaline to help in unarmed combat, and the needle alone was worthless without something to inject. Maybe if he found some extra medicine. Or venom. But-

"Hey, you alright in there?"

What? Someone else? The terror and dread vanished instantly. Taking their place, a shallow tension. The voice was coming from just left of the doorway, being held open by the person it belonged to. Probably male, definitely Scottish. The tension gave way to a sick tingling feeling all over Wade's body. The sensation of vulnerability.

He realized: Most of the room's furniture aside from the desk was against the left-hand wall. And being more or less crouched on the bed, which was against the right-hand side... meant he was utterly open to attack. If the person was hostile and armed, they'd have a clear shot immediately.

Wade moved to quell the awful sensation by closing and grabbing the bag. As silently as possible, he moved off the bed and tried to quickly position himself behind the desk. That way, he was at least behind cover. He'd get forewarning if the unknown person came in and he'd at least have a chance to disarm them if they went in to attack. It had already been several seconds since he heard the words and he was running out of time to reply--

"Yeah! I-I'm fine!"
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