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keep running yoshi
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Ben felt one of the discs of his spine beginning to slowly warp out of place. He shuffled his weight around a bit. A foot was bodily dragged to it's new resting place.

He listened a bit more. Reflexively, Ben found he and Maxim had something in common, much as that made him churn bile. Two dudes who didn't give a fuck. Maybe about different things, or things not so different. Ben would have crossed his arms. Impulse was there, but they were a bit heavy at the moment. Maybe just enough tension left in the muscle to raise hands half-mast, right into boxing stance. Besides that, they were inert species of lead.

"Yeah, we don't have much time to hash this out. My point is..." Ben just needed a moment. Get himself a quick dose of breath, needed that oxygen in the blood and all. But damn did that minuscule frame of time stretch on unnecessarily. Could have been the leftover adrenaline fraying his nerves all fierce. "Trying is a resource risk. We'll present more targets to take down, and one of us is going to be moving at a slower pace." And to be honest Ben was pretty sure he knew who that one was, unless Maxim was sitting on his years of MMA at Trav's side. Ben wasn't going to say it out loud though. He'd settle for a demonstration, when he eventually got himself moving in the direction of 'out of here'.


"There's more harm in trying than there is in not. I just don't see what either of us could stand to gain." As the perceived superior party in the exchange he didn't.
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