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I used to be a handler like you, then I turned into a horse.
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"Not a whole lot. You know how busy I've been, year's end coming up and the season still underway. Sorting through some of my college offers, still dunno what I want to study though."

She probably didn't want to hear yet more baseball talk, though. Cris was pretty sure sometimes Raina thought baseball was the only thing that genuinely interested him. Which wasn't entirely fair. He didn't get all judgey about what she liked, and he had certain responsibilities anyhow. Captains didn't just sit around going "lol I'm the captain," they had to do things.

"I kept wanting to call and tell you how things were going, but well, you know."

Shit, did that sound too guilt trippy? Funny how Raina could actually make him care about how he came off.
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18:48 Ruggawork I have faith in you!
18:48 Ruggawork and your ass!

16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Iktor?
16:35 Kilmarnock Maybe Toben.
16:35 Kilmarnock hard to tell until they make out with me.
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