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Rorick Skyve
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Maxim's facial features didn't move much as he listened to Ben's take on their situation. He still felt the ever existing urge to chew on his own lips, but he held back this time. Even when he could have cared less what the one standing in front of him thought about his peculiarities.

He found himself agreeing with the other boy's assessment, it all sounded reasonable. Even all his deep-rooted disdain for Ben aside, allying himself with him was not necessarily the best thing he could do. Although, granted he had feared that he'd put an end to his life a mere minute ago, this had all gone considerably smoother than he'd have thought.

And to be honest, that fact was somehow fascinating to Maxim. Here he was, standing in front of this guy he had avoided for so many years, wouldn't have shed a tear if he had simply dropped dead; this guy he'd have drawn a gun or any kind of weapon on upon first sight, if only he'd have been in possession of one. And yet, there was some feeling within him that contradicted all of those previous sentiments. Had he been forced to take a guess, he'd have gone with - respect? Some sort of spiteful respect.

Yes, that felt appropriate. Even for all his flaws, Ben had remained reasonable here, logical. That was probably what he respected. Ben was nothing but waste as a human being, but he wasn't stupid, at least for a homophobe. In the end, wasn't that what he'd have to look for? Someone who understood the situation as much as him, someone who he'd be able to work with, lack of trust aside. Basically, his respect for the guy also indicated that he'd be of use to him. For a while, at least.

Ben was suited to help Maxim keep himself alive. That was more than he could say for most people he knew personally. If so, then he knew what he had to do.

"So I take it you'd prefer we part ways here, yes? Well, I can't stop you if you see it that way, of course, but-" Now that part was tricky. He couldn't just tell Ben what he had just weaved in his head, obviously. He'd have to follow it up with something though.

"Look, we're out in the open, so I don't feel like taking my sweet time to spell out my take on it here. All I'm going to say is, I think we should at least try. Maybe it'll work, maybe not, but you can ditch me at any given time if you feel it's the latter, no? My point is, I don't see any harm in trying."

Not the best of arguments, but maybe enough to convince him.
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