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Cause what you see isn't always the truth
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((Noah Whitley continued from Rolodex of Hate))

"Well, I was wrong. This place is emptier than Rush Limbaugh's head."

Noah sighed as he looked over the room. All the electronics had been cleaned out. He should have known that the terrorists would have made such a move. After all, anyone with some common sense here would try to go to the communications center to try and signal for help. Alas, the radio tower was bare and stripped of most of its working equipment.

Noah hadn't planned on going there. Shortly after he and the girls left the dorm, they could hear a faint ringing in the distance. Upon noticing the radio tower, he assumed it was possible the sound came from some speakers or some electronics inside. Maybe there was something they could use to flag down a passing ship or get their location out to a satellite. But unfortunately, that wasn't the case.

Noah rubbed his free hand through his hair, his other hand clutching Sawlaska tightly. This wasn't how he had hoped things would turn out. He made a lot of promises and platitudes towards Blair and Sandra, and he couldn't afford to look that foolish already. As it was, this detour was looking less and less promising. He wanted to ensure there was something to take out of it.

Noah spoke aloud again.

"Want to see if there's anything else useful here?"
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