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escaping the real world to face reality
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Fucking Kaitlyn, stealing his thunder, fucking Lili leaving the group. Yeah. This wasn't looking so hot.

So. Um. Words, right? That's what Alan had. Millions of words echoing around in his head, but none of them seemed like they'd do any good here.

"You're full of shit." That was for Scout.

"You think you're being so smart and pragmatic, huh? So realistic, so much smarter than all us little rebels."

Fuck, directly arguing with someone. Newsflash, kids: that doesn't actually accomplish anything. You don't actually make any good arguments here, because like hell you're gonna actually convince them. All you can do is push them off balance and keep the bastard there. Fat lot of good being a purist is gonna serve him now, though.

"Cuz as far as I'm concerned, you just told me you're gonna play the game, and it's two on one, kid."

Bet you don't like that, huh? Shrimpy little ginger kid, thinking she's some badass survivor.

"Yeah, you can leave the badass rebel alliance. You can live for now, because, like, killing you before you've done anything is really sketch, but please fuck the fuck off."

The wind picked up a little. Aw, yeah. Did Alan have a badass cape billowing in the wind, there? Fucking symbolic shit going on? No? How about this: ginger shrimp pulls a gun out of nowhere and blows them all to hell because maybe, just maybe, there wasn't an argument to win there.

Fat chance. He was fucking invincible.
dear god dear god tinkle tinkle hoy

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