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keep running yoshi
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Ben was physically holding himself in place, had no momentum all the same. Conversation wasn't an especially long one as of yet, but it stretched on all the same. Syllables like metronome beats. Hut-two-three...

"... I don't give a fuck."

Four. Maxim had almost seemed to swell up with that, bloat up all ugly and declare it with no shame for the underlying meaning. Ben nodded solemnly, weighed his options. Brain felt lighter, emptier. Like the end of a good song on the radio with announcer blather into the subsequent pop trash. Ben felt like he'd moved himself too fast. Shot himself down too fast. What else was he fucking supposed to do? He'd come up with a plan, it hadn't worked. Happened plenty of times back in the world outside this island. Go to the market, find out there's no stock. Pick up a girl, find out there's no chemistry. No worries. You could rebound like rubber in the soles, move on. Here and now, Ben could move on.

Felt hard to put the new thing into his feet though. Whatever it was. His ankles continued to grind furls into the dirt.

"Guess I get you." It was a reluctant overture, Ben felt half sick admitting it. "Dunno if I can really relate but maybe I'm still in shock over..." Like it needed to be said. Maxim's throat clear sufficed as typical punctuation. A period was boring but it worked.

"Trust is a big question, yeah." This part of the conversation was easier. "I'm pretty sure we're both lying to ourselves if we assume we can trust one another. Even if we could, two guys without weapons is hardly better than one guy without 'em. Would have to split the resources too. Like you said, I don't see it." Ben could at least talk it up. Words were good and all, but he had to start moving. Get out of his own shadow, plastered as it was over the adjacent wall by the sun lingering on his skin.
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