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Lily walked out through the door.

"I'd be much more careful about who you approach from behind in the future."

Lili sat still in her chair, watching the space where Lily had been only moments before. She didn't know how long she had spent staring at that spot when she finally got up from her chair, only that she needed to find someplace else to go. Someplace with people who weren't cold to her. Did she need to go anywhere with people, anyway? She could make it on her own, right? Why make friends when you have to kill them eventually? She hung her head low as she stood up. She wasn't going to play the game if she could help it, but if she lasted long enough that she had no choice...

Lili sighed. She had already decided just a little while earlier that she would check out the warehouse just down the way, and she wasn't intent on forgetting about that. She just hoped that she'd find someone pleasant there, someone who would convince her that she wasn't going crazy, that she wasn't cursed. Georgia Lee? Asuka? Even maybe Ben Fields, he was nice to talk to. After she swung her bag onto her shoulder, she gripped her nightstick with both hands, holding tightly to stop her shaking fingers from trembling any longer. Once again, she looked at the open door. On the other side, Spiderland. Inside, refuge from her fellow classmates until they found her or until the area was declared off limits. Would she spend her last few days in solitude, or would she risk her life outdoors? More importantly, did she have the strength to do either?

She doubted it.

Lili stepped outside.

[Lili Williams continued in Consuelo's Departure.]
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