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"Alright then, fine by me. Die alone and earlier rather than with people and later. Whatever floats your boat dude." As she said this, Maria picked up the half slice of bread, balled it up and popped it in her mouth, chewing and swallowing to get it out of the way and following it with a bit more water. When she was done, she slipped the bottle into her pocket and picked up the book that had been her makeshift plate.

The Man In The Iron Mask, she read, flipping it over. One of her favourite older novels. What a bloody coincidence that that had been laying on the table when she walked in. She loved the book to death, had a special-edition binding back at home which she'd picked up in Brighton of all places, which had it's own sheathe and everything. She put the book into her hateful assigned bag, and looked at the kid, trying to read his expression at her words.
You don't win the game of death by dying first. The name's a little misleading.

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