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"Livvie," she paused, "You don't mind me calling you that, right? Anyway, you're apologising for snapping to the girl that just beat the splinters out of a boat because of the exact same reason. Me judging you for that would be insane. We're all stressed out, and although I stand by my points, we all need to cool off and sit back for a little bit." She broke off the hug with Irene, nice a hug as it was, and sat back down on a boat that wasn't more splinter than plank.

She appreciated the HU jokes. Made this all feel less serious and... distant, but she didn't need that. Always had lived in the moment, bouncing around, trying new things, meeting new people, the works. "Wait, so the gun is now called Johnny Three?" She let out a mock fangirl squeal, before continuing "I never knew you would do such a thing!" She giggled as well, before calming down a bit and continuing.

"We should stick together, yeah? Keep an eye out and watch each-other's backs. It'll just be us three, maybe a few more if we can find them. What do you girls think?" Groups were risky. She knew that, both of the girls knew that, everyone knew that. But she was going to die soon, there was no way she was winning this game, so spending her last days with friends seemed much better than spending them looking everywhere, paranoid that a shot could come and end you at any time.
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You don't win the game of death by dying first. The name's a little misleading.

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