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Well, they took it well, at least? Aiden had walked up next to Fiyori to talk. Junko guessed that whatever the hell he and Johnny were talking about, it was about Fiyori. Doing things to Fiyori, if we had to be accurate. Or something. They were making suggestive hand gestures when they talked, of course. But yeah, it seemed like it wasn’t as awkward as it looked. Seemed, at least. Hopefully whatever it was blowed over quickly? Whether it was boning or something else.

Raina was tough, yeah. She was… no-nonsense. Sure, she liked Miku Hatsune enough to look like her, but she wasn’t a pushover. Darius got a firm reminder in the form of a beer can earlier. Lesson: even if someone looks like a Vocaloid, that doesn’t mean that they’re automatically okay with any singing. Wait, maybe she just fully understood drunk Darius’ logic here. Miku equals singing equals let’s harass her with music. Made sense, if you looked at it with the assistance of substances.

For a moment, Junko noticed that he made a “hm” noise. As if in thought. Maybe he thought that Wayne was… you know. She was still sure that they were in the off-stage right now. She was pretty damn sure, the more she thought of it. To be honest, it’d explain why they hadn’t come back yet, though. Aside from, you know, Darius’ antics. But the thought slipped out of focus.

“Yeah. I think she’s the kind of person to, like, kick Darius into outer space or some shit if he tried that again” she said, laughing.

Wait, did anything else happen? Well, Michael and Jonathan were starting to make-up, it looked like. Maria got pissed at her because somehow she wasn’t invited. She still needed to figure out how that happened, honestly. Johnny had pulled out some secret agent abilities to hide weed. What else happened?

“It’s been pretty quiet otherwise. Most of the craziness happened because Darius. Though… apparently I didn’t invite Maria? She magically showed up all pissed. I need to figure out if I forgot or what later.”

She wasn’t sure if she should bring up Jonathan and Michael. It was kind of their personal argument, you know? Did Cris even know about that to begin with? She knew about it, but it wasn’t sure if it was something he knew or should know.

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