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Jane gaze lingered on the side of Crisanto's face for a moment, her pondering what to respond. "Huh, kay. Cool."

Yeah, not like she could say much more than that. She had never been big on sports other than hiking, especially not competitive ones thus why she never really bothered trying to keep up with the news surrounding the Coyotes. Though even she knew they had won state that year, just had sort of forgotten about it for a moment. She remembered Cris talking about it, him actually sounding proud about it, not often that happened. And that was about everything that was of any interest to her concerning baseball. Yeah, maybe she should have picked a different topic, but hey, got a little bit of a conversation out of him at least.

Still, looked like they had already reached a dead end there, kinda sucked. What else she got? Could try and ask him about family matters maybe but eh - she didn't really care about that either. Except maybe what Eliza was doing. She had sort of thought about maybe bringing her along for a hike some time, but not really - she'd rather her and Cris had the time to themselves.

Yeah, the more she thought about it, maybe they didn't really need to talk now after all, no big conversation at least. Really, it was enough for her to just be reminded of his presence now and then. It felt nice, just having someone be there who she knew sort of cared about her. Eye candy factor only helped his case, of course. Sure, she could live with the silence, no problem.

Flicking a single hair and some dust from her shoulder, she continued staring off into the distance, thankful that the sun had the courtesy to not be a bitch and blind her. Weird, the longer she spent here, the more she warmed up to this place. Literally warmed up, really. For all its bleakness, it was just really, really relaxing in its nature. Made her wonder why she hadn't been able to appreciate that until now. Probably because she had been too hung up and pissed about having to come here in the first place earlier.

Only then did she notice that she had unknowingly walked a bit lopsidedly, stepping closer to Crisanto inch for inch during her walk. It felt appropriate, so she extended her hand and softly clasped his hand with hers - or rather, she cupped the back of his hand with hers.
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