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Wouldn't count anything out, huh? Lili probably didn't want to take the shoes out of her bag, then. Not a good idea to turn that into a thing already. She'd never hear the end of it if Lily told anyone else. People would think that she wasn't trustworthy.

"I've never even seen a clip," Lili replied. It was a half-lie, as she'd accidentally seen a clip once while browsing the internet looking for obscure music, but the clip wasn't of anything particularly shocking - or if it was, Lili had clicked out of the tab before it could happen. Lily was right, anyways, about drastic being a wide definition. Maybe she should test the waters a little?

"What I mean is, well," Lili continued, her voice trembling a bit more, "People have probably...taken fate into their own hands, before, right?" It was the best she could do to not outright say the word 'suicide' at the moment. She began tapping her fingers on her thigh, miming a song she'd memorized on flute. Would she ever hear music again? Even if she somehow did, would it ever be the same?
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