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Lili was small, relatively speaking, and she had been bullied when she was much, much younger, but she didn't have anything close to a firearm. Either way, she technically fit a few of the other Lily's criteria, which unsettled her a bit. As for Caedyn, though, she knew that she'd be more than a little unstable here. Lili had done her very best to stay out of Caedyn's way when they were in school together, but even from a distance her antics seemed toxic at best. Lili agreed with a nod of her head.

Her mind wandered back to the shoes in her bag. The thought that someone could have jumped from the bridge already, at this early in the game, sent chills down her spine. Inside her head, she berated herself for not checking over the bag, but she just didn't want to be near the toll booth group any longer. It was seriously unnerving. Even just thinking about it made her hand shake. She caught her lighter one last time and put it back in her pocket, fearful that if she tossed it anymore that she would drop it.

"Do you think," She asked shakily, "Anyone would've...done something else drastic?" Lili danced around the exact words, biting her tongue.

She waited for a response, anything that would reassure her that the owner of the shoes hadn't done something drastic, that she had only left her bag and shoes because she had gone a bit loopy, but wasn't dead. The chances were very, very slim, but she held onto them all the same.

What if it was someone she knew? The thought left a bad taste in her mouth. The only person she could really pin as likely to do something like that would be Asuka, and she knew that Asuka's more depressive days had passed a year ago, and even then she wasn't depressed in a suicidal way. The rest of her loosely knit circle of friends and acquaintances weren't people she'd pin for suicide right away.

So who was it? Maybe Lily would know?

Lili stayed silent, going still in her chair.
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