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Maxim nodded. He was staring off into the distance, though not really looking anything in particular. It was that particular state, where one's own thoughts somehow managed to override all other senses and thus effectively rendered him blind. His eyes were open, but they might have as well been closed.

He could still push on. To what end, even he wasn't certain anymore. He had given Cristo an incentive to ponder about things, no doubt. Ponder about how he felt about Abby. It dawned on Maxim that maybe he had made a mistake. If the result of Cristo's pondering was what he feared it might be, then Maxim had only himself to blame. He had gone on to pursue a line of questioning without truly thinking about the consequences - out of curiosity, nothing else. Or maybe it really had been jealousy that drove him to this. Wanting to make sure his friend harbored no feelings for that girl, pressing on until all doubts had been erased from his mind.

Well, he had certainly achieved that. Cristo's reaction wasn't that of someone who found Maxim's question to be strange in how ludicrous they were, no. It was evident that he had hit several nerves, probably even opened the boy's eyes. He had opened the door for Cristo to go and form an even stronger bond with Abby, just like that. And possibly kicked off a chain of events that would make him, Maxim, become irrelevant to Cristo in the long run. Fade away from his life, like a glorified third wheel. He couldn't bear the thought.

Maxim still didn't move, didn't even turn his head towards Cristo. Not even the usual frown was visible on his features, he was just sort of sitting there with a completely apathetic expression on his face. Deep inside, he was completely and utterly disappointed with himself.

"You're welcome." His voice was barely above a mutter.
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