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“I found these in the nearby library. There’s probably still something there, if you need it. I didn’t ransack the entire place.”

Who she actually expected to play, though… hmmm.

“I really don’t know,” Lily said. “Could be anyone. I mean...” She pulled a face. “I am predisposed to say Caedyn, but honestly that’s based on personal bias. She’s never actually been violent.”

She tapped her foot against the ground, thinking properly on the question. It probably was best to consider it now, rather than wait until confronted with it.

“I mean… I can’t pick out individuals. And I wouldn’t bar out anyone. You never know, right? But if I were to guess at the sorts of, uh… qualities?” Lily tapped her foot against the ground again, frowning. “Well, I’d probably be most afraid of anyone small and bullied who’d been given a gun. That’s only guesswork, but… anyone who thinks they’re already in danger of being specifically chased, or who’s bitter towards whoever bullied them… and then given the means of dealing with that?”

Lily flipped over the page of her notepad, and then flipped over a few more, leaving space for a few days.

“...I wouldn’t want to be a bully on this island. For multiple reasons.”
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