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((Michael Crowe, Continued from We Pissin' our pants yet?))

This was new. An alien feeling on what should be a familiar place. Just a casual stroll along the road with what felt like an old friend. He wasn't sure which part made it feel alien, this 'old friend' being a complete stranger outside of his name, or the metal time bomb on his neck. Speaking of the collar....

Michael slid his axe underneath his arm as he reached his hands up to upper chest and neck area. He unfastened the button on his blue aloha shirt, and popped his collar. Covered the explosive leash from all sides but the front. There was no point to it but to make him feel less like the terrorists' cheap whore. Probably the same reasoning as covering lingerie up with a cheap jacket. He lowered his arms, catching his axe on the way down.

Then there was Jerry next to him. For not waking up nearby anyone he really knew, he was an alright teammate. He wasn't some pussy-bitch, and he wasn't sketch as fuck either. That was a good thing, a real good thing. He was trustworthy enough to get shit done, and not stab you in the back later on. He was a pretty good guy, no complaints for him here. But, Michael noticed Jerry staring at something, so he turned his head in that direction.

Holy shit.


Well, shitty ass jeeps, but still, vehicles! Michael knew they wouldn't work, but it wouldn't hurt to look around a bit, maybe they'd find someone, or something to help them out. Jerry asked where to go. Good question, wandering everywhere wasn't gonna get them shit.

"Well, shit, we're at a car park right now, right?"

Michael looked at the rust buckets in front of him. They'd look like shit straight out of Mad Max. Speaking of Mad Max, didn't Fury Road rele-.


Michael just realized he probably wouldn't have been able to take Jon out to that movie date like he promised. Michael sighed, "You uhhh, you ever think about what we'd be doing if we weren'- Ah fuck it! You probably don't wanna hear more depressin' shit right now." Michael looked down at the ground, then back to Jerry. He forced his grin back.

"Thinkin' we should check out this place though, maybe find some good shit, or some good people." His forced smile turned slightly more genuine at the prospect of finding some more familiar faces.
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