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Rorick Skyve
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It had almost slipped from his memory, the fact how much taller he was than Ben. Of course, his only memory of him had been one that was several years old, one which he had tried to repress and wipe from his mind the best he could at that. But now, now that they were both here and Ben was apparently in no position to pose an immediate threat to him, all of that now seemed so much farther in the past. Yet, Maxim would not find it in himself to ever respect that boy in front of him, he was sure of it.

And he didn't need to. It was evident Ben felt the same way about him, that was a given. Who could know, maybe he secretly wished for Maxim to die, didn't have enough guts to admit it to his face, let alone strike him down himself. Or he was just playing it smart.

There he was again, assuming the worst. This was more than just healthy paranoia though, he knew that. It was simply too hard to try and admit that Ben might not have been a complete heap of humanoid garbage. Useful even. A potential ally. He seemed willing to admit to his own shortcomings, at least. Didn't even try to defend his mess of a plan. Though his last sentence, Maxim was not sure how to interpret. Sounded like an attempt to provoke him at first, but it was clear it was not. Sounded too dry for that, like a simple observation. And honestly, he did have a point, in a way.

Maxim didn't respond to Ben's final assertion of him, not immediately. He let out a mix between a hum and a sigh, not out of annoyance, but rather curiosity. Finally, he gathered the words he wanted to use in his mind.

"Well, yes. What it boils down to is - to put it like you did - that I don't give a fuck." He put particular emphasis on the last word and despite its crudeness, it rolled over his tongue with much more gusto than he'd have thought it would. "But I do give a fuck about surviving, I'm sure you can relate. And the way I see it, we have two simple options here." He cleared his throat. Yes, he was basically just spelling out the obvious, but someone had to do it.

"Part ways right now or carry on as well..." Team was too strong a word too use. "Carry on together. Though of course, the question of trust is a whole different story."
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