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((Jerry coughed, letting his bugs escape.))

The walk on the road between the pub and the vehicle depot was a slow one. Walking was an exaggeration, they were creeping on the side of the road, looking around, expecting for a maniac to come in rushing with a gun. However, they met nobody. No students, no corpses, no gore or blood was on their way to the depot.

The closest thing to a cadaver was the building standing in from of them. It didn't look good, or bad for that matter. It just looked dead, like its pulse stopped and the ambulance was on their way. The building's golden days were over, obviously. He thought about it. Maybe there could be a clue around, giving an approximate year of the desertion of the island. Even though it'd be useless, it could be nice to know about it.

If the building was a corpse, then the cars were its babies. Laying around, waiting for somebody to either repair them or dismantle them. That would have ended their suffering, instead they were left there to rust. Just melting away, dissolving because of the elements. Such a waste, he used to think he'd be a mechanic when he'd grow up, like his parents. He wondered how they were reacting to all of this.

Did they accept his death yet?

Recently, he dreamt about going into art, specifically dance. Obviously, it would have never happened, but now, the odds of him living to see college were pretty close to zero. It wasn't fair. If he were to make it out alive, he'd kick some serious terrorists ass. Maybe skewer one or two with his trusty spear. His thoughts were becoming darker and soon, he was seething. He wanted to yell, but something was blocking him from doing so. He just kept grinding his teeth.

Jerry suddenly stopped. Something crossed his mind. He wondered about it, trying to find an answer to his question. It was a vital and necessary question needed to be asked. They couldn't just wander around and be okay. They had to have goals or something like that, or else what will they do? Sit around all day, going batshit and killing each other? Jerry jerked his head toward his companion and clearly asked his question.

"Where should we go? We can't just walk around forever."
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